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BIO Unveils Refreshed Advocate Toolkit


This past March, BIO launched, an interactive web tool designed to help policymakers, members of the media and the broader public access the best facts surrounding drug costs, spending and value. By featuring a series of commonly asked questions, as well as research and reading materials, BIO created a one-stop shop for answers to some of the most hotly debated questions regarding the important roles of biopharmaceutical innovation and prescription medicines in our nation’s health care system.

As part of our broader effort to tell the biotech story, today BIO is pleased to unveil a redesigned and much-improved Toolkit for AdvocatesFor more than a year, the toolkit has housed a growing library of infographics and opinion pieces that are helping to shape the debate about the drug cost ecosystem, including U.S. leadership in biotech innovation, the latest on drug spending and prices and key concerns with some of the leading proposals for addressing prescription drug costs.

  • One of the key features of the toolkit is enhanced shareability on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn all with a simple click. Context is automatically provided for all shared items, but you can feel free to add a personalized message or additional insights.
  • Larger infographics are now broken up into components that can be shared on their own or easily downloaded and incorporated into your reports or presentations on the drug delivery system.
  • Our new series of Issue Briefs showcase the important and complex issues in an easily digestible, shareable format. Learn about the 340B Drug Discount Program, how America’s biopharmaceutical industry can help solve the opioid crisis or the basics of Medicare Part D – just to name a few.

We’ve made it easier for you to access information and share content.  So check it out and turn to the toolkit now and in the future as the debate around the cost and value of prescription medicines unfolds.