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CiDrep Informatics Launches Cloud Services Platform


ATLANTA, Georgia – March 15, 2017. CiDrep Informatics, Inc., today announced the addition of Cloud Services to its portfolio of products and solutions. CiDrep Cloud, is a fully automated ecommerce solutions that allows hospitals, health systems, independent physicians’, dental, behavioral health offices and research organizations to purchase, provision and use HIPAA compliant cloud Software-as-a-Service and Infrastructures-as-a-Service with security and ease.

Built on a single, open cloud platform, CiDrep Cloud is a comprehensive digital business platform that offers Collaboration Software Tools, Device Management, Microsoft Office 365 Plans, IBM SoftLayer, Virtual Private Systems, Hyper-V based virtual machines running Windows 2012 64bit edition, Project Management and Healthcare specific software’s designed to help increase productivity, augment decision-making and become a digital health business beyond organizational boundaries with staffs, patients, partners and vendors.

“With the rise of today’s digital workplace, where information is abundant, we can provide the latest communication tools to help cut through the noise and achieve effective collaboration and quality workplace outcomes in client’s environments. CiDrep Cloud is designed to meet the unique workstyle of every IT department, technology use and managed IT services with purpose-built, integrated applications, infrastructures and software tools to reduce costs of ownership, risk and resource demands while delivering stronger support, reliability and operational efficiency with popular cloud infrastructure applications”, said Wayne Craige, CEO of CiDrep.

CiDrep cloud solutions include and number of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) products, plus:

·       Cloud Computing Infrastructure Platforms,

·       Communications and Collaborations Software Tools,

·       Acronis Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery, 

·       Microsoft OneDrive for Business File Storage, 

·       Data and Email Migration Services, 

·       Custom Virtual Private Servers running Linux CentOS 6

·       Custom Virtual Servers running Windows 2012 64bit

·       IBM SoftLayer Dedicated Bare Metal, Power8 Servers, Virtual Servers, Storage and Networking

·       Microsoft Office 365 Productivity Plans for Healthcare Business

·       Microsoft Azure, SharePoint and Exchange Online Services for Business

About CiDrep Cloud

CiDrep cloud is a single platform for a whole new way of doing business with clients. We help transform their business, and be up and running in the cloud in minutes, with little to no investment, enabling them to deliver internal technology services, and manage their infrastructure most efficiently. To learn more about CiDrep Clouds Solutions, please visit

About CiDrep Informatics Inc.

At CiDrep, we are continuously developing intelligent solutions for the health care industry. CiDrep is an informatics (clinical, health, imaging and bioinformatics) services company providing a range of clinical, health, imaging and genomic informatics services and technology solutions for providers and researchers. CiDrep collaborates with clients with an aim to provide Better Technology to drive Better Outcomes and ultimately Better Care™.