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MAP Announces Partnership with Intent Solutions to Assess Medication Compliance in Patients with ADD


MAP Health Management, LLC., announced today a partnership with Intent Solutions designed to track adherence to medication protocols for patients with a Substance Use Disorder diagnosis who are served by MAP’s patient engagement technology. Intent Solutions is the creator of the TAD™, a biometric pill dispensation device that can track in real-time who has or has not taken their medication. 

The partnership will launch with a pilot program as early as March of this year wherein a number of patients whose risk for relapse is continuously measured by MAP’s technology will be provided a TAD™ device.  The device will send real-time data to MAP’s platform when a patient takes their medication, or fails to do so. With this information, MAP can inform the appropriate members of collaborative care networks if a patient is overusing their medication, or failing to take their medication at all. This information is then leveraged to improve clinical outcomes and manage financial risk through facilitating early interventions and other modes of mitigating recidivism and costly treatment episodes.

86% of patients served by MAP’s technology have a co-occurring mental or behavioral health disorder in addition to Substance Use Disorder and 94% are prescribed at least one medication. Capturing actionable data regarding medication compliance is an essential component of improving clinical and financial outcomes for this demographic. 

“The number one factor in improving outcomes is early intervention. Putting the TAD™ into the hands of people recovering from addiction who are prescribed medication will greatly enable MAP to better inform treatment providers, family members, and insurance carriers who are at high risk for relapse and readmission resulting from the lack of medication compliance”, said Jacob Levenson, CEO of MAP Health Management, LLC.  

Currently, identifying who is properly taking their medication after acute addiction treatment episodes has been elusive. “We are excited to partner with MAP and empower their ecosystem with our TAD™ device. We know that our product has great efficacy for those with Substance Use Disorder and MAP knows how to leverage our device to improve outcomes for all of the stakeholders”, said Sam Zamarripa, President and Director of Intent Solutions. 

MAP continues to add to its robust ecosystem of patients, providers, insurance companies, and technology products, all of which are integrated into MAP’s population health platform. MAP is generally recognized as possessing the most robust risk identification and reporting environment for insurance companies related to the addiction treatment space.  

About MAP Health Management, LLC 
MAP develops technology-enabled solutions that improve clinical and financial outcomes for chronic behavioral health illnesses such as Substance Use Disorder. MAP empowers treatment providers, health insurance companies, health systems, and patients with the right data at the right time in order to improve clinical and finical outcomes. For more information, visit To download the recently released white paper, ‘The 5 Key Factors to Successful Behavioral Health Population Management’, visit:

About Intent Solutions 
Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Intent Solutions is a technology, software, and data service company focused on developing solutions, for clinical research, pain management and specialized pharmacy, designed to markedly improve the monitoring and management of medication adherence and provide real-time behavioral data to more accurately measure compliance and efficacy. 

It is estimated that up to one-half of all prescriptions are not taken which results in deaths of over 125,000 from adherence related causes and a staggering economic burden in health care of $300B, and a global revenue loss of $564B to pharmaceutical companies. The adherence problem may include taking more or less than prescribed, skipping doses, and also the abuse, misuse, and diversion of medications.