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2018 Anthony Shuker Scientific Poster Award Winners


October 15, 2018 | Atlanta, GA - Georgia Bio would like to congratulate the 2018 Anthony Shuker Scientific Poster Award winners. Selected from nearly 60 competitors, the awardees showcased the best and brightest of Georgia’s talent. This year’s competition was sponsored by UCB, Inc.

The Georgia Bio Innovation Summit Poster Session is open to representatives from Georgia-based academia, research institutes and industry alike. Competitors represented Georgia’s research universities and companies in a variety of categories including Molecular and Biological Research; Healthcare IT; Nanotechnology; Drug Discovery and Development; Cell Therapy & Tissue Engineering; and Industrial Production.

Each year this session impacts students from across Georgia. Brianna Galbreath, Ph.D. of Georgia State University, was about to graduate with a master’s degree in Chemistry, with a concentration in Industrial Biotechnology, when she participated in the 2017 Poster Session. When asked how the poster session impacted her, she stated “Thanks to my experience presenting my research at the poster session, I decided to get my Ph.D. Georgia Bio is a great organization and has been so supportive. 

Upon completing her graduate degree, Ms. Galbreath thought she was going to ‘hang up her shoes and be done with school.’ After winning the poster award and meeting different companies at the Summit, she decided to continue her education. Today Ms. Galbreath is working on her Ph.D. in Applied and Environmental Microbiology at Georgia State and deciding on her next career move which is likely commercialization of products using microbiology or zoonotic infectious disease.  

Luke Dickson, a 2018 competitor told Georgia Bio, “I attended the Summit last year and had a great time, so I wanted to come back and network and get more exposure for my research.” Mr. Dickson, a master’s student, Integrated Biology at Kennesaw State Universitywho is doing research in cancer treatment, said he’s planning to go to medical school after he completes his master’s degree. 



The 2018 winners:

The Anthony Shuker Scientific Poster Award

Poster #2 – Measho Abreha – Emory University 
Comprehensive mapping of Alzheimer’s disease brain 

Poster #46 – Hope Didier – Kennesaw State University 
Elucidating the Requirements for E2 to Induce Senescence 

Poster #22 – Nathan Dillard – R6 Industries Inc. and Medical College of Georgia 
Using software to improve evacuee medical care in disaster shelters 

Poster #4 – Merhawi Mihreteab – Georgia State University 
Microbial Bioconversion of Polypropylene-Derived

Poster #29 – Arnab Mondal – University of Georgia 
In vitro cellular response towards a hydrogen sulfide 

The Down South House & Home Award for Poise and Grace 

Poster #1 – Jitendra Pant – University of Georgia 
In vitro study of antibacterial and cellular response